Frequently Asked Questions

Will treatment hurt?

When teeth first move, some tenderness is to be expected around the tooth. Everyone’s pain threshold varies, but as a rule, it should never be painful.

Is treatment expensive?

This will entirely depend on the recommended treatment.

Can't the teeth sometimes be removed?

Occasionally yes, but even still, treatment would more than likely include a removable appliance (plate) or full fixed appliances (braces) in order to give a successful result.

Can treatment be delayed?

Yes. Orthodontic treatment can always be delayed.

Is treatment necessary?

This will depend on what results you want to see. If you have crooked teeth and truly want a beautiful smile, then treatment is necessary to achieve that goal. But we will never pressure you into getting treatment. The decision is entirely yours.

Are there standard treatment plans?

No. Just as everyone’s mouth and pearly whites are different, so is each treatment. We always determine the best course of treatment after consulting in depth with each patient and taking their wants and needs into consideration.

What are your qualifications?

Kim Mezger has a 5 year B.D.Sc (Bachelor of Science) and a 3 year M.D.Sc (Masters of Science) in Orthodontics from The University of Western Australia.

Has treatment evolved?

Absolutely. Orthodontic treatment is now far easier for the patient and for the Orthodontist.

Do you keep up with modern developments in orthodontic care?

Yes. We regularly attend conferences both within Australia and overseas. Having said that, a lot of “modern trends” in orthodontics are commercial and not necessarily an improvement on, or beneficial to treatment of the patient. Some “improvements” are technologically driven for technology sake, and are not necessarily beneficial.  They are marketed as the “latest you beaut” techniques. We know what works and what doesn’t work. We offer good honest treatment backed by years of experience. 

Do you have information sheets?

Yes, we provide information sheets for all types of treatment. ​Please visit the Patient Info page.

Can we seek a second opinion?

Absolutely. You should always do your research. We are more than happy to openly and honestly discuss other treatments that you have been prescribed.