Patient Information

Here are some things to know when coming to Kim Mezger Orthodontics.

Your First Visit

On your first visit, we will simply sit down and have a talk about why you have come to get orthodontic treatment.  It may be because you have been given a referral by your Dentist or you may have come of your own volition. Both of these are fine. You do not have to have a referral, but if you do have one, please remember to bring it. Please also bring any other relevant documentation, such as any current x-rays or scans.

The main thing we will want to find out, is what in particular concerns you about your teeth and what your expectations are. Kim will then discuss with you, what type/s of treatment would suit your particular case.  Please note that there are no blanket solutions for orthodontic treatment. We take care to analyse each case and tailor treatment accordingly. Remember that you are the most important person at the consultation. We will always ask “what do you expect from treatment and how important it is to you”.  We will never talk or pressure you into treatment.

Usually, we ask our patients to go home and have a think about what has been discussed and decide if they would like to go ahead with the treatment. One of our friendly staff will then contact you a few days later and book you in for another appointment if you have decided to go ahead.

Patient Information Sheets

You will usually be given some relevant information sheets when you come to visit us, but here they are in handy pdf format in case you lose them.

Treatment Cost

So you may be wondering how much the treatment is going to cost you? Firstly, every treatment is different and there are no off-the-shelf treatments in orthodontics. Once a suitable treatment plan has been discussed, you will be advised of the potential cost. We can also provide you with all item numbers associated with future treatment so you can contact your private health insurance provider to find out what rebates you may be entitled to. We advise you to discuss fully with your health fund if applicable. If you are unsure about your insurance cover, it is a good idea to ask your provider to email their comments to you so that you can have it in writing, to avoid any confusion.

If you are heading into treatment with braces, a payment plan is available. This consists of a deposit and then monthly payments over 12-18 months. Our payment plans are facilitated through “Denticare Payment Plans”.

Emergency Information

There are usually no real “emergencies” involved with having braces. If something does happen to break or come off and it is annoying you, cover it with the silicon you have been given and call our rooms during office hours to arrange an appointment. If you already have an appointment coming up, please call us anyway so we can allow extra time to repair any damage.